Colorful Cartagena

Colombia is a very versatile country. So many differences between countryside, people, language and even a little cultural. Such an interesting country, filled with life, color and natural beauty.
In this blog I’ll tell you a little more about the magical city Cartagena.

Cartagena, also known as Cartagena de Indias. It’s a huge city with an enormous port, that used to function perfectly against pirates and intruders. The old city center is surrounded by the 13 km long citywalls, which gives this area an extra urban vibe. The walls are painted in every color you can imagine, every door is perfect for door-lovers like me. There are wallpaintings, cute little cafe’s and outdoorshops, that make this Cartagena a place you wander around and make you feel like you jumped back a few decades. When you reach the wall at the beach side, you can walk up the wall, take a look out of the ocean, when you’re not blown away by the breeze (and the view of course) and imagine how they used to protect the city with canons and artillary.

Dancing in the streets
At night you should definitely get dinner in the old town. Walk around and have drinks and dinner at some of the small squares and let the streetperformers entertain you. You’ll see streetdancers performing local ritual dances, dancebattles and also Micheal Jackson will moonwalk past your table. There’s music everywhere, foodstalls selling snacks and people life their lives outdoors. There is so much energy in this city, that it’s hard to go to sleep. You wanna stay and dance all night.

When you walk through the Gates or the old town, you’ll walk towards a cute park that’s called Parque Del Centenario. Where you can hangout and chill for a few hours, before you go off exploring and dancing into the night. One of the trees in the park houses a sloth, so keep your eyes open if you want to spot this very shy animal.

From the park you can walk straight into the Getsemaní neighbourhood. This vibrant and unpolished area is great for dining, drinking and dancing. There are also many hostels and hotels, so this area is fizzling at night. If you want to dance salsa, go to Café Havana, but there are so much more places you can dance salsa.

As you can see, Cartagena is an energetic city with all you need to enjoy yourself for a few days. Wander the colorfull street, dream away looking at the colonial mansions and kathedrals and find yourself back in a pirates of the carribean scene behind the canons of Cartagena.

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