Isla Ibiza

In October I traveled to Ibiza for a week. The main reason to go to Ibiza was to explore and check out the island. I was interested in living there and starting my own shop or selling on the hippiemarkets that are so popular overthere. I thought before actually moving there, I should check out the vibe and the people, because I heard many different stories. I had the whole week planned with trips to beaches and cities, to see what would be the best beach and best place to live. I also had a few appointments with people who live on the Island and the managers of two hippie markets. I enjoyed Ibiza very much, but unfortunately it was a little dissapointing for me. Most hippie markets have a very long waiting list before it’s even possible to get a stand just for one day and then you’re not even sure you can get a stand the next week. Living coasts are over the roof, so I would have to get a job on the side, which isn’t ideal because I want to spend my time designing and creating. And last but not least, it was soooo busy, even in October. The beaches were packed, it was almost impossible to get a parkingspot and the markets were so crowded you almost walked backwards, I don’t even want to think about high season. I don’t think I would be happy when it’s so touristy and crowded. For a holiday it’s absolutely paradise, but I decided it’s not for me and Just Stitched, eventhough Just Stitched would fit perfectly with the Ibiza, bohemian hippie vibe and on the markets I didn’t see many designs like mine, but I think I can find a better place for me to be happy, design my bags and set up a shop. Because that’s what I’m doing, I’m looking for the right place to emigrate and live a life close to the beach and always wearing a bikini.

Photoshoot locations

Platges de Comte

Festival Club

Nikki Beach

Es Vedra

Sa Caleta

Platja de ses Salines

Cala de Benirràs – trommelen


Project Social – Santa Eulalia

Cute restaurant a few minutes walk from the beach.  They had the best vegan burgers in town with extra avocado. Can’t get any better than that right?

Simbiosis – Ibiza town

Perfect restaurant for the last sunbeams of the day. Very cut and authentic little restaurant. I had my First vegan cheese here on a veggie burger and I loved it.

The Giri Cafe – San Juan

This little village is perfect for strolling down the streets and markets stalls (Sundays). It’s not that touristy, but they have a few popular restaurants. The Giri Cafe, for example. There’s this awesome garden, where you can hang out with beautiful views. And the food isn’t too bad either 😉



Hippie markets

Punta Arabí

Hippie Market Punta Arabí was established in 1973. Ever since they started this popular hippie market, they’ve been selling handmade products. It all started when the management of Hotel Club ‘Punta Arabi’offered some hippies to sell their handmade products and items from all over the World. There were 5 market stalls, Maggie with delicious sweets, a lady from Formentera with Woll jumpers (from her own sheep), a little boy selling puppies, a few kids exchanging their toys and another guy selling jewelry from India. Peope playing the guitar and singing gave it an extra special ambiance. In that day they sold their stuff from sheets on the ground, but over the year it evolved into a huge market with over 500 stalls which makes this the biggest market in Ibiza.

If you love accessories and getting inspired like me, you can walk around there for hours. There’s a special craftsmen area, so make sure you check that out. Some of the stall sell commercial products, just like his neighbor,but there are also some people with handmade products scattered around the area. You can enjoy your drinks, paella, cake and other lovely snacks while listening to live Music which makes you feel like a true hippie for a while.

Opening hours
April – October, every Wednesday from 10am – 6pm

Club Punta Arabí (Es Caner)
Avenida Punta Arabí

How to get there by car
From Santa Eulalia you follow the sign to Es Canar. Turn right before ‘Es Canar’ and follow the sings ‘Club Punta Arabí’ towards ‘Cala Martina’. Drive all the way to the end of the street where you’ll find public parking and private parking where you can park for €5 (at that time)

Las Dalias

Another bigger and popular hippie market is Las Dalias. On Valentineday in 1985 the ‘Mercadillo las Dalias’ was established with only 5 stalls and a few customers. 30 years after that day, it grew to 200 marketstalls and sometimes even 20.000 visitors. It’s more than just a market, it’s a community. You can spend hours strolling the marketstalls, sitting down for drinks and good, they serve cocktails, live Music and much more. There’s a large parking lot where you can park your car for €3 (at that time).

This market has more handmade, authentic products than Punta Arabí, so it felt more original to me. I loved the products and it was very inspiring. If is wasn’t thát busy I would have loved to sell my designs there, but it was a little too crowded for me. Nonetheless you should definitly check out this market, because it’s lovely.

They even have a webshop where you can buy some of the products. From June til September there are also nightmarkets that you should go to, it’s a totaly different atmosphere, with all the lights and of course a better temperature.

Opening hours
Every Saturday from April – October 10am – 8pm
Every Saturday from November – March 10am – 6pm

Carretera Eivissa – San Carlos KM 12
Sant Carles de Peralta

San Jordi

In the south of the Island, close to Les Salinas and the airport, there’s a second hand market on Saturdays. For the best items you should get up early and find those gems between all the crap 😉 There’s coffee, some snacks and live Music. This market is less of a handmade market, it’s more fleemarket with second hand products, that people sell on sheets on the Floor or on a table. There are a few people selling their handmade items, probably because they’re on the bottom of the long long waiting list for the other hippie markets.

Opening hours
Every Saturday from 9am – 2.30pm

Hipodromo Sant Jordi
Carretera Al Aeroport km 4.1,
Sant Josep de SA Talaia

San Juan (officially ‘Sant Joan de Labritja’) 

Everyday Sunday on the street around the church there’s a small hippie market from 10am – 2pm. This market isn’t as commercial as the other ones, there a just a few market stall with mostly handmade items. I loved this market, this was what I was looking for. Just a few craftsmen and designers, selling their products while making the products on the spot. So you can actually see how the products are made.




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