Bali Crafts

Bali is the island of the gods, but also of the arts. You can see and feel the creativity everywhere. These people are craftsmen and artisians, from birth. They learn the skills and techniques from their parents and it’s passed on for many generations. No factories, no machines, no robots, actual people, with actual trades. They are able to make something that most people can’t, to earn money to provide for their family and community.


When you drive around and visit smaller villages you will see woodworkshops, metalshops, glass blowing shops and many other kind of craftshops. I think it’s inspiring and beautiful how they live their lives and are able to create something new every day. Look at the beautiful offerings they make, it’s like a piece of art. \Or the handpainted puppets they use to entertain and educate the children. They don’t buy these in China, they make it themselfs. I know it probably sounds more magical than it actually is, but I believe having a trade, having a talent and being creative is good for the soul.

The jewelry and accessories I sell in my webshop are all handmade, with natural products from Bali. When you walk into a jewelry workshop, you’ll see people sitting on the floor, surrounded by beads, charms and tassels. When I wanted to take pictures of their creative process, they got very shy, so I don’t have any good picture of the process. But I do have a good picture with Kiki.

I met her on the beach, while she was selling her handmade bracelets and necklaces. We started talking and she told me about her village and her kids and family. She needs to sell her jewelry on the beach every day to get dinner on the table and when she’s home she’s making the bracelets and necklaces. She’s not the only woman roaming the beaches of Bali, hoping to sell some of her pride and joy. To help her out and to make you guys happy with these cute bracelets I bought a dozan of bracelets. She was over the moon and kept saying it was for good luck and then she slapped the money on the table for extra good luck. I still don’t know why she did that, so if anyone knows, I’d love to hear the story.

There are many more men and women working their trades. For example the tradional Ikat weaving, called Grinsing. It’s known as the most iconic cultural heritage of Bali Aga (People of the Mountain) They dye the yarn with all natural ingredients. For example red originates from the roots of mengkudu trees, yellow is made from candlenut oil. And to get a black color, they make an indigo color from taum grass and mix it with the red one. Then they use a single or a double loom to weave the patterns. Everything is done by hand and it can take up to a few months to finish a grinsing.

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