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As you probably all  know, I’ve decided to move to Mexico to and start the life of my dreams. This might sound super cheesy, but actually it’s not. It’s exciting and awesome and also a little scary. In February I traveled through Mexico for 2 months to explore places along the coast where I could possibly live. I went to Puerto Escondido first, this wasn’t high on my list. This little town was discribed as “a sleepy fishingvillage” doesn’t sound very exciting does it? But when I got there, I felt at home immediately. I stayed there for a week and explored small beach area’s in the neighborhood like Mazunte, Zipolite and Chacahua. All very dreamy and perfect. But to start a shop, Playa Zicatella in Puerto Escondido is the best option. But I didn’t trust it right away. It was the first place I went, how is it possible I found my home straight away? And I had Tulum and Isla Holbox really high on my list of possibilities. So I flew to Cancun to explore Quintana Roo area. Absolute paradise!!! Perfect blue water with white sandy beaches, cute houses, streets, palmtrees everywhere, just amazing. But… it didn’t feel right. So I knew, I had to go back to Puerto Escondido! That’s where I needed to be.

I went back home to the Netherlands, to organize the last few things for my move. Spend time with my friends and family and say goodbye to my life there. And a few days ago my adventure started!!

I arrived in Puerto Escondido, Mexico.

Yesterday was my first day and when I arrived it felt like a huge weight fell of my shoulders. It felt like coming home and my dreams are coming true, step by step. And that’s what I’ll keep doing. Taking little steps towards the life I imagine. The first thing I want to do is relax, get rid off my jetlag and acclimatize. Apparently May is the hottest month of the year, so it’s veryyy hot and humid. Step 2, is to get an appartment where I can set up my workstudio with my sewing machine. Step 3 is to make Just Stitched official and register the company and last but now least step 4 hiring myself and get myself a work visa for Mexico. That’s all I need to do the following months. No pressure, no hurry. Because the last 2 steps are very scary for me. I have absolutely no clue how to do this. So I have to figure it out and be brave enough to go through with it. It scares me so much, but if step 3 and 4 are completed then the real fun can start! Opening my Just Stitched shop. Doesn’t that sound like a dream come true????

I’ll keep you posted and for now, you can find me underneath the palmtrees with a book and a cocktail.


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