Follow your dreams

As you probably all  know, I’ve decided to move to Mexico to and start the life of my dreams. This might sound super cheesy, but actually it’s not. It’s exciting and awesome and also a little scary. In February I traveled through Mexico for 2 months to explore places along the coast where I could… Read More Follow your dreams


Bali Crafts

Bali is the island of the gods, but also of the arts. You can see and feel the creativity everywhere. These people are craftsmen and artisians, from birth. They learn the skills and techniques from their parents and it’s passed on for many generations. No factories, no machines, no robots, actual people, with actual trades.… Read More Bali Crafts


Isla Ibiza

In October I traveled to Ibiza for a week. The main reason to go to Ibiza was to explore and check out the island. I was interested in living there and starting my own shop or selling on the hippiemarkets that are so popular overthere. I thought before actually moving there, I should check out… Read More Isla Ibiza


What is vegan leather?

So there is this “new” thing, it’s called Vegan leather, but what is it exactly? Let’s start by explaining what Vegan in general means. Being on a vegan diet means you don’t eat animal products at all. So no products made from and by animals; no meat, no dairy, no eggs and also no honey.… Read More What is vegan leather?


Colorful Cartagena

Colombia is a very versatile country. So many differences between countryside, people, language and even a little cultural. Such an interesting country, filled with life, color and natural beauty. In this blog I’ll tell you a little more about the magical city Cartagena. Cartagena, also known as Cartagena de Indias. It’s a huge city with… Read More Colorful Cartagena